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Today Amin is a full-time professional model, but because of his passion, he dedicated part of his time to educating and improving the lives of others through personal grooming, bodybuilding, diet, fitness, and nutrition.

Amin offers individualized fitness coaching for everyone. Drawing from his knowledge and extensive experience as a coach, athlete, and Fashion Model, Amin will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals and reach your best look and physique.

Amin has guided more than 200 models across the globe. He builds plans to accommodate every client who comes to him for losing weight, being in shape, learning modeling tips and diet and how to maintain a body like a model, how to dress up to look better and smarter, regardless of geography, experience level, gender, or goal. Amin’s goal is to help you to achieve your ideal looks and physique.

What I Do

Personal Diet, Workout, supplementation 


certification :

  • Applied nutrition in bodybuilding 

  • Exercise Science and Kinematics 

  • Programming and training systems 

  • Corrective exercises in bodybuilding 

  • Design the program of supplements during the cutting phase

Amin began playing sport at the age of 15 with Kickboxing and he continues practicing till he achieves his Black belt of World Kickboxing Association ( WKA ).

He also began weight training in 2008, and he never quiets his training no matter how busy he got with college or work, etc… or where he is, always he finds a way for training in gym or home, etc….

During these years he got interested to know more about the human body, physiology, nutrition,… he starts learning from scholarly sources and he also attended renowned training centers such as the Federation of bodybuilding and powerlifting of Iran for his bodybuilding and fitness Coaching certification

Transform with Amin AG

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