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Amin Ghesmati is a model and social influencer focusing on fashion and aesthetic aspects of fitness, and a high-quality lifestyle. Amin was born on October 6th, 1989, in Tehran, Persia.

He spent his childhood, playing video games and spending time on the computer at home and he had the dream of becoming a software developer at that time, he began playing sport at the age of 15 with Kickboxing and it was essentially the beginning of his athletic lifestyle and what has become an epic journey.


As a Fashion model, he has worked with World’s Top brands like Jack & Jones, Levi’s, Nike, Lee, etc… and designer like Manish Malhotra, ken ferns…, also walk for the significant fashion show like Lakme Fashion Week, Bombay times fashion week, Splash, etc….

Amin, unlike others, always looking for innovation in fashion and fitness both, he sees the aesthetic aspects of the human body which has unique for each person and has to be fit to a stunning outfit that has Harmonious to that individual.



Birthday: 6th of October, 1989

Founder of  :

AG. Model managements 

Model Academy 

Fit Club Factory

Birthplace: Tehran – Persia






Be the best version of yourself

– Amin AG.


2008 – collage

Gym - Workout

After Amin enrolled at college, his brother introduced the weight training world to him and took him to the gym and trained him in 2008.

After while workout became the first passion of Amin’s life because he got lessons out of workout principle which nothing else gave him and change his life forever as far as he stops working as a software engineer after his graduation and starts educating on physiology, nutrition and other human body filed.

Kickboxing & men’s physique 

Amin began playing sport at the age of 15 with Kickboxing and he continues practicing till he achieves his Black belt of World Kickboxing Association ( WKA ).

He also began weight training in 2008, and he never quiets his training no matter how busy he got with collage or work etc… or where he is, always he finds a way for training in gym or home, etc….

During these years he got interested to know more about the human body, physiology, nutrition,… he starts learning from scholarly sources and he also attended renowned training centers such as Federation of bodybuilding and powerlifting of Iran for his bodybuilding and fitness Coaching certification, 

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