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My Story

Amin Ghesmati is a model and social influencer focusing on fashion and aesthetic aspects of fitness, and a high-quality lifestyle.

Amin was born on October 6th, 1989, in Tehran, Persia. He spent his childhood, playing video games and spending time on the computer at home and he had the dream of becoming a software developer at that time, he began playing sport at the age of 15 with Kickboxing and it was essentially the beginning of his athletic lifestyle and what has become an epic journey.

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Style is matter

After Amin enrolled at college, his brother introduced the weight training world to him and took him to the gym and trained him in 2008.

 Amin refining his childhood dream at the University of Science and Culture Tehran where he received a Bachelor’s in Software engineering and start developing web applications and websites …. 

After a while workout became the first passion of Amin’s life because he got lessons out of the workout principle which nothing else gave him and change his life forever as far as he stops working as a software engineer after his graduation and starts educating on physiology, nutrition and other human body filed.